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Scam Call

I just got a phone call telling me there was a $800,000 credit card transaction that took place in New York. I asked the caller, “Are you sure it’s my credit card?” The caller: Yes, the name and the ID number were confirmed to be yours.” I went quiet for two seconds. And then I asked her, “Could you please send me a screenshot? I want to post that on my WeChat Moments to show off.”


初心 [chū xīn]

初心 [chū xīn] n. Original+heart. 1) The original aspiration. This Internet slang term originated from Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind by Shunryū Suzuki and described the immense enthusiasm one initially had about a goal. The enthusiasm might taper off, thus the caveat 不忘初心 [bú wàng chū xīn] “Do not forget your original aspiration.”  2) The first idol you liked.

Thank Goodness I Learned That Now

My daughter was sulking.

I: Hey you, you’ve got to learn to manage your emotions. Putting on a face of “who is coming to coax and humor me” is only going to make you annoying to others. But you are lucky for learning that postulate from me now. I figured that out myself after a long time. Many people don’t have emotional management skills all their lives.

Daughter: Thank Goodness I learned that now…

詩和遠方 [shī hé yuǎn fāng]

詩和遠方 [shī hé yuǎn fāng] <Expression> Poetry and the far-off land. This expression comes from the quote from Zhang Kequn, musician Gao Xiaosong’s mother, “Life is more than resigning to the mundane affairs in life; it is also about poetry and the far-off land.” This quote became popular among Chinese young people under the pressure of high housing prices in big cities. It is often cited to inspire people to stop fretting over not amassing enough material wealth and instead find a place of inner peace through art and travel.

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