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HON Wallace Chung Exhibition

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#钟汉良# Wallace Chung’s visual art exhibition will start on July 1 at MoCA Shanghai. Wallace will also continue the “Sing for Life” concert tour on August 26. There will be three new concerts this year.

Plus, he and three fellow jurors from the 2017 Shanghai TV Festival, Mao Weining, Yao Xiaofeng, and Yao Chen, were just invited to be the jurors for this year’s 45th International Emmy Awards. They will reunite on July 7 to review the performances of European actresses. The International Emmy Awards are bestowed by the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in recognition to the best television programmes produced, and initially aired, outside the United States.


Hearing-Impaired Student Speaker

【Teared up! Hearing-impaired female student’s graduation speech at ECUST received the longest applause】”I am a deaf person. My pronunication is a little off, but I will try my best to articulate every word. Please bear with me. ” At the June 16th commencement of East China University of Science and Technology, the speech of the undergraduate student representative Gao Yuye was met by long applause.

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【看哭了!华理工失聪女生毕业演讲收获最长掌声】O网页链接  “我是一名聋人,我的发音有点不标准,但会努力说好每一个字,请大家谅解。”6月16日,华东理工大学2017届毕业典礼上,本科毕业生代表高羽烨发言后,掌声经久不息。

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Live Confidently and Nobly

【Shantou University President’s Commencement Speech:Live Confidently and Nobly [good]】June 27. Shantou, Guangdong. Shantou University held the 2017 commencement. Honorary Chairman Li Ka-Shing and distinguished guest Mo Yan attended the ceremony. President Jiang Hong said: No matter how many setbacks you come across in life, you must live confidently and nobly.

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I am glad to see my alma mater to have the first female university president in its 36-year history.


Juror Wallace Chung

Last year, Wallace Chung presented two awards at the Magnolia Awards Ceremony of the 2016 Shanghai International Film & TV Festival.

This year, he will decide who are going to receive the awards! On April 25, Wallace Chung was announced as one of the five jurors for the Magnolia Awards of the 2017 Shanghai TV Festival. Alongside Mao Weining (director), Chen Wengui (screenwriter), Yao Chen (actress), and Yao Xiaofeng (director), Wallace will give his take on which are the best Chinese TV dramas of 2016.

So proud of you, Wallace!

Chinese Teachers Don’t Get It

First she trained her student to be her husband, then she trained her husband to be the president of the country. What a successful educator! But when I was a student, the beautiful teacher in charge of my class only freaking knew about meeting with my parents and making me stand still as a punishment. She messed up the cultivation of the president of our country.

The Importance of a Teacher

After Qi Tongwei [a character in the popular TV show In the Name of People] married Teacher Liang, he became the head of the provincial Party government department;
After Gao Yuliang married Teacher Wu, he became the deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee;
After Macron married Teacher Bu [Brigitte], he became the president.
—On the importance of a teacher

Gao Yuliang eventually divorced Teacher Wu and married the younger Gao Xiaofeng. In the end he got 19 years of jail time;
Qi Tongwei seemed to be in harmony but actually at variance with Teacher Liang. He had a secret affair with Gao Xiaoqin. In the end he killed himself with a bullet.
Conclusion: If you marry your teacher, you will win success and recognition; if you divorce your teacher, you will lose all standing and reputation!
—Again, on the importance of a teacher