Parents’ Tastes

I compiled a list of the comments on this morning’s weibo. Conclusion: We share the world, we share the parents…Click below and you’ll be surprised as if you entered your own house. [笑cry]

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Wallace Chung’s Father



Seeing Shuishui [a Wallace fan] had bought so many [Wallace] albums, I recalled a little story from the past. My little sister was working at KPS [Video Express, a Hong Kong-based multimedia store which sold and rented videos, CDs and movies], there was an uncle [a polite way of addressing an older male to show respect] who often went to her store to buy Wallace’s albums. One time, my sister asked him out of curiosity why he bought so many albums every time Wallace dropped a new album. She asked if that uncle was Wallace’s fan. The uncle said no. Then my sister questioned, “If you are not a fan, why do you buy so many of his albums?” The uncle answered my sister, “Because Wallace Chung is my son. I want to support him with my action, haha!”

Source: Weibo

[Note: This annecdote is incredibly touching. Wallace’s father originally objected to Wallace’s career goal of being a dancer, but the power of love as well as Wallace’s hard work transcend all the disagreements…]

Wallace Chung’s parents attended his fan meet in Hangzhou on June 8, 2014.  

When You Father Knows How to Create Special Effects

Click the image to watch the video.
Click the image to watch the video.

What does it feel like to have a father who can create special effects? OMG this is crazy fresh! The kid’s nana would say after watching the clip that she would have a heart attack. [笑cry]



Family Education

Click on the image to watch the video.
Click on the image to watch the video.

【So Family Education Is This Important! [good]】When kids are brimming with curiosity about the world, some parents feel so annoyed that they convince the kids to give up. Yet the mom in this clip keeps telling the daughter “we can try.” Show more patience and encouragement. Let family education unleash the kids’ potential! 3-minute Thai video clip “Bean Sprouts.” (We) recommend it!

【原来家庭教育这么重要![good]】当孩子对世界充满好奇时,有的家长被搞得心烦,然后劝孩子放弃。但短片中这位妈妈,却不断地告诉女儿“我们试试”。多一些耐心和鼓励,让家庭教育激发出孩子的潜能!3分钟泰国短片《豆芽》,推荐一看!L秒拍视频 by网络


Baby Actor

Click on the image to watch the video.
Click on the image to watch the video.

Daddy trimmed the baby’s finger nails but the baby tried to scare the dad by pretended that the little fingers were hurt…I didn’t know you are a baby of this kind, too cute! [笑cry]

粑粑给小宝宝剪指甲,宝宝居然假装被剪到手指,吓他爹。。。。没想到你是这种宝宝,太可爱了[笑cry] L秒拍视频


Latest Quips


~”What are the saddest lines you’ve ever read in in a poem? ~”Traveling together for twelve years / They didn’t know Mu-lan was a girl.”


~What does it feel like to have a thing for someone? ~A is enamored with B; B’s got a backup.

others-children~Who do you think is the greatest fictional character in history? ~Someone else’s child.


[Note: The above are among the latest quips from the Sina Weibo hashtag #榜姐每日话题#.]