Internet Slang

請開始你的表演 [qǐng kāi shǐ nǐ de biǎo yǎn]

請開始你的表演 [qǐng kāi shǐ nǐ de biǎo yǎn] <Expression> Please start your performance. Originally overused in talent shows by the judges to invite the contestants to start their performances, this expression became popular around the end of 2016. Now it is often used humorously to allow someone to talk or brag.

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Internet Slang

世界那麼大,我想去看看 [shì jiè nà me dà, wǒ xiǎng qù kàn kàn]

世界那麼大,我想去看看 [shì jiè nà me dà, wǒ xiǎng qù kàn kàn] <Expression> The world is so big; I want to go take a look at it. This expression became famous because it was the resignation letter of Gu Shaoqiang, a teacher from Sichuan, in 2015. Her resignation letter caused a buzz on social media because many people resonated with her yearning for traveling.