Hearing-Impaired Student Speaker

【Teared up! Hearing-impaired female student’s graduation speech at ECUST received the longest applause】”I am a deaf person. My pronunication is a little off, but I will try my best to articulate every word. Please bear with me. ” At the June 16th commencement of East China University of Science and Technology, the speech of the undergraduate student representative Gao Yuye was met by long applause.

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【看哭了!华理工失聪女生毕业演讲收获最长掌声】O网页链接  “我是一名聋人,我的发音有点不标准,但会努力说好每一个字,请大家谅解。”6月16日,华东理工大学2017届毕业典礼上,本科毕业生代表高羽烨发言后,掌声经久不息。

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Grandmas’ Basketball Team

#Grandmas’ Basketball Team# 【Grandmas Also Compete to Be “Rukawa Kaede”! Age Is Just a Number [doge]】In Southern California, U.S., a group of grannies finally founded a basketball league of their own. They play half-court 3-on-3 basketball games. They are not afraid of breaking a sweat or a bone, because YOLO, what are you waiting for? Oh, right, not everyone can join this team. You have to be at least 80 years old~[摊手]

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#奶奶们组篮球队#【奶奶们也要争当“流川枫”!年龄只是数字[doge]】美国加利福尼亚南部,一群奶奶终于建起了自己的篮球联赛,打半场3对3,绝对不怕骨折不怕累,因为人生只有一次,还等什么呢?哦,对了,这支篮球队可不是谁都可以随便加入的,你得满80岁才行~[摊手] L时差视频的秒拍视频



Creative Bookstore Staff

An indie bookstore in France. The “bored” staff combined themselves with the book covers seamlessly, breathing life into the books. |Credit: Photographer.


法国一家独立书店,“无聊的”店员将自己的造型与书本天衣无缝地衔接,让书本们“活”了起来 ​​​​ | 摄影师 ​​​​
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Le Palais idéal

It is said that a French postman collected various pebbles during his daily mail route for 33 years. In the end he managed to build a palace. I want to see it! |via Scenery Digest  Note: It’s called Le Palais idéal by Ferdinand Cheval (1836–1924). [good]


据说在法国有一位邮递员,每天在上班的路上收集各种石头,日复一日,坚持了33年,最后居然建造出了一个宫殿,好想去看一看! ​|via风景精选 ​​​​
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Sex Education

#Sex Education Is Not Severe Floods And Fierce Beasts [Dangerous Things]# See how US parents talk about sex with children. The house is the first classroom to give children sex education. (Click here to watch the video.)

#性教育不是洪水猛兽#看国外父母怎样与孩子谈“性”话题,家庭是儿童性教育的第一课堂 L微博视频 ​​​​
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