Internet Slang

吸霾 [xī mái] and 吸貓 [xī māo]

吸霾 [xī mái] v. Sniff+smog. To have to sniff smog constantly because of air pollution. This Internet slang term mimics the word 吸煙 [xī yān] “smoking.”

吸貓 [xī māo] v. Sniff+cat. (Of a cat owner) to sniff the cat. This Internet slang term is often used by cat owners to describe their love for cats. They can’t help hugging and playing with the cats as soon as they see them, and they even like sniffing the smell of cats. The term mimics the word 吸煙 [xī yān] “smoking.”

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Internet Slang

愛無能 [ài wú néng]

愛無能 [ài wú néng] n. Inability to love. This Internet slang term refers to some people’s inability to enter a relationship. The reasons vary. Some people are traumatized by past relationships, some are too narcissistic to love others, some are afraid of commitment, some repress their feelings too much…Some people attribute their singledom to their inability to love.

Internet Slang, Wallace Chung

黑花 [hēi huā] and 黑草 [hēi cǎo]

黑花 [hēi huā] n. Black+flower. Hey Wow. This Internet slang term is the name of Wallace Chung’s stuffed panda doll aka his “daughter.” Wallace Chung later developed spin-offs like caps, shoes, dolls, backpacks, etc. based on the image of Hey Wow.

黑草 [hēi cǎo] n. Black+grass. This Internet slang term refers to Wallace Chung’s male fans.

Internet Slang

帶節奏 [dài jié zòu]

帶節奏 [dài jié zòu] v. Lead+rhythm. <Gaming terminology> To instigate a fight. This Internet slang term is originally used to describe a gamer who determines the strategies for the whole team in a group video or computer game. Now it is used to describe an Internet user who misleads others with wrong information or offensive language in online discussions and instigates verbal fights among groups holding opposing views.

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