Internet Slang

科學上網 [kē xué shàng wǎng]

科學上網 [kē xué shàng wǎng] <Expression> Surf the web scientifically. This expression is a euphemism for accessing the blocked non-Chinese websites using VPNs. A synonym is 翻墻 [fān qiáng].

Internet Slang

這盛世如你所願 [zhè shèng shì rú nǐ suǒ yuàn]

這盛世如你所願 [zhè shèng shì rú nǐ suǒ yuàn] <Expression> This golden age, as you wished for. This expression is often used sarcastically to express discontent with government misconduct.

Internet Slang

翻墻 [fān qiáng], 墻內 [qiáng nèi] & 墻外 [qiáng wài]

翻墻 [fān qiáng] v. To climb over a wall. This Internet slang term means to climb over the Great Firewall of China, a censorship and surveillance project that blocks potentially unfavorable incoming data from foreign countries. The purpose is to access blocked overseas websites.

墻內 [qiáng nèi] adj. On this side of the wall. This Internet slang term refers to the Internet environment affected by the Great Firewall.

墻外 [qiáng wài] adj. On the other side of the wall. This Internet slang term refers to the Internet environment unaffected by the Great Firewall.

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活久見 [huó jiǔ jiàn]

活久見 [huó jiǔ jiàn] <Expression> Live+long+see. If you live long enough, you will be able to witness all kinds of things (however unbelievable or bizarre they are).

【Watch: Two American men got on their knees to beg Canadian PM to run for US President [doge]】Canada’s cute Prime Minister was accosted by two Americans when dining at a restaurant in New York: “Please come to the US to be our president! We can’t stand those presidential candidates anymore! ” Then they simply knelt down. Kneeling down and begging…Canadian Prime Minister: Ehhh [laughing tears]…here is what’s going on…Watch:




Epic Blackboard Newspapers

触手 [chù shǒu] n. 1. Illustrators who use touch-enabled devices and pressure-sensitive pens. 2. ACG illustrators.

#Epic Blackboard Newspapers# Many people have seen the Frozen-themed blackboard newspapers in Japan, but the blackboard newspapers made by the students of our celestial Empire [China] are not outdone by those of their Japanese counterparts. They are all super ACG [Anime, Comic and Games] illustrators!