Internet Slang

雙標 [shuāng biāo]

雙標 [shuāng biāo] n./adj. Double standard. This Internet slang term is short for 雙重標準 [shuāng chóng biāo zhǔn].

Internet Slang

逃離北上廣 [táo lí běi shàng guǎng]

逃離北上廣 [táo lí běi shàng guǎng] <Expression> To flee from Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. This expression describe the phenomenon of white-collar workers quitting their jobs in China’s metropolises, especially Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, and choose to work and live in second- and third-tier cities instead. They give up the life in first-tier cities often because they can’t afford the apartment prices or bear the air pollution in those metropolises.

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Internet Slang

殺馬特 [shā mǎ tè] and 洗剪吹 [xǐ jiǎn chuīand]

Celebrities like Han Geng (Left) and Jay Chou sport hairstyles typical of the scene people.

殺馬特 [shā mǎ tè] adj./n. Kill+horse+special. Smart. The scene people. This Internet slang term mimics the pronunciation of the English word “smart,” but it is used to tease the teenagers and young adults who prefer a fashion style that emphasizes androgyny and bright colors. These young people usually migrated from rural areas to urban areas. They lack higher education and take on low-income jobs in cities. Their fashion choices reflect their need for attention and sense of alienation in the process of urbanization.

洗剪吹 [xǐ jiǎn chuīand] n. Wash+cut+blow. This Internet slang term refers to the scene people’s hairstyle as well the scene people as a group.

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Internet Slang

綠光 [lǜ guāng] and 頭頂一片草原 [tóu dǐng yí piàn cǎo yuán]

綠光 [lǜ guāng] n. Green light. This Internet slang terms comes from Stephanie Sun’s song “Green Light” but is now used to mock people whom were cheated on by their partners.

頭頂一片草原 [tóu dǐng yí piàn cǎo yuán] <Expression> Carry a tract of grassland on one’s head. This expression is used to describe people whose partners cheat on them multiple times..