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不轉不是中國人 [bù zhuǎn bú shì zhōng guó rén]

不轉不是中國人 [bù zhuǎn bú shì zhōng guó rén] <Expression> [You are] not a Chinese national if you don’t repost this article. This coercive expression is often used in nationalistic WeChat article titles.


腿玩年 [tuǐ wán nián]

腿玩年 [tuǐ wán nián] <Expression> Leg+play+year. This expression is short for “I can play with her legs for a whole year.” It is adapted from the line “Look at that pair of legs. I can play with them for a whole night”, said by a gangster to an undercover police officer’s girlfriend, in the movie “Century of the Dragon.” This expression is a typical example of the male gaze.