Internet Slang

圍笑 [wéi xiào]

圍笑 [wéi xiào] v. & n. Surround+smile. Smile. This Internet slang term, an alternative of 微笑 [wēi xiào] “smile” because they sound alike, mimics the Taiwanese accent.


Grandpa’s Sweat

Grandpa passed away. His body was placed in a freezer. Many people came to mourn him. Before his dead body was moved to the coffin, the freezer was turned off and slowly brought to room temperature, so water drops appeared on grandpa’s face. The grandson saw that and asked his grandma: Why is Papa sweating? Grandma replied: Oh that’s fine. It’s the first time that Papa passed away. He is a little nervous.



Internet Slang

妖艷賤貨 [yāo yàn jiàn huò]

妖艷賤貨 [yāo yàn jiàn huò] n. Pretty and coquettish bitches. This Internet slang term was made popular by Taiwanese vlogger @谷阿莫 who is famed for producing video synopses of movies and TV series. In the synopses, the term was used frequently in the sentence “[The male lead] feels [the female lead] is so innocent, so unpretentious, and so different from those pretty coquettish bitches outside.” This term describes the type of women that grosses the male leads out, but of course irony is often involved.