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逆天改命 [nì tiān gǎi mìng]

逆天改命 [nì tiān gǎi mìng] <Expression> Defy heaven and change one’s destiny. This expression comes from the TV series Fighter of the Destiny. The protagonist Chen Changsheng is plagued with an incurable illness, fated not to live past the age of twenty. He is therefore determined to find the magic stone that will change his fate.

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Good News, Wallace Chung

Jackie’s 8/31 Weibo

​​Jackie updated her Weibo on August 31, 2017. 🙂


Felt pumped tonight, sharing the joy with Xiaowa this time. @钟汉良 [耶]

Time flies like an arrow and flows like a “song” [two Chinese idioms about time].

In a wink, it has been Sing For Life 2017.

Music makes me feel all kinds of nice things about life.

Even if I can’t perform beautiful music,

The happy and pensive moments brought to me by music remain wonderful. Through the platform of music,

Friends from various cultures and I found the common language.

Over the past six months, Xiao Wa was incredibly busy, engrossed by the piano, the violin, and conducting.

Recently he shared with me the achievements of his hard work. We exchanged all kinds of newly gained knowledge and insights.

We strolled through the truth, kindness, and beauty conveyed by music and ventured to perform on the streets of Vienna. It was adventurous and fun.

I feel that after the past six months, I have one less brother, yet one more “soul mate” friend.

[Note: “知音” is probably a pun here. It means both “soul mates” and “friends through music” here. The word is a combination of “know” and “music”, so I think Jackie meant they became “soul mate” mates because their shared interest in music. This is also the original meaning of “知音”

Back in 2014, Jackie said in the last episode of The Amazing Racing that the program made her feel that she had not only got her brother back but also got one more friend. (See the translation of her original words in the last part of this article.) Now, she has elevated Wallace’s status from a “friend” to a “soul mate”. 😉 ]

826, Sing For Life, Nanjing.

The Liang Family gathered together and witnessed Xiao Wa’s hard work.

[I] believe Healing Love will bring more pleasant surprises.

Looking forward [to your arrival], Fang Haosheng!

Source: Jackie’s Weibo

Here is Jackie’s speech after Wallace and she won The Amazing Race (China) 2014.

Credit: 念恋盼伴Credit: 念恋盼伴

Check out the source of this picture here. ​

I really want to thank my brother Xiao Wa profusely here.

Although we grew up together, but honestly, we rarely saw each other over the past 20 years. The words we said to each other during the past 20 weeks were more than the words we said to each other in the past 20 years. So, I am thankful that he picked me to come here with him.

Actually at first, I thought he was a little annoying, and I didn’t trust him too much either. He also pushed me to do every task. During the past few months, stop by stop, we slowly got to know each other as two estranged siblings. He began to learn about me, and I began to discover things about him. It turns out he is really good at doing many things. At the beginning I felt he seemed to rely on me to do everything, but later I discovered he was even able to take care of me. I feel that over these few months, I seem to have got my brother back, and also I have got one more friend.

Really. Thank you.

I remember her sincere and moving speech.I remember her sincere and moving speech.



Song Joong-ki’s Message to Lee Kwang-soo

Song Joong-ki:
Now I am a man with a family.
It would be great if you [Lee Kwang-soo] can control the frequency of calling me.
You’ve got to be cleverer and more discerning in life.
You didn’t do anything wrong,
but you haven’t done well enough.
You will understand…
Thank you very much,
but please train yourself to be cleverer and more discerning.



Jin Xing on Jin Dong

Jin Xing:
I am most disappointed in my favorite Jin Dong.
His roles are too similar.
His recent roles.
I thought it [The First Half of My Life] was Ode to Joy 2!
[His role in Ode to Joy] was like this [He Han].
Then in Surgeons, he played the same type of men.
Then in The First Half of My Life, he played the same type of men again:
Donning a suit,
looking all sharp and cool,
and then giving me a lot of chicken soup [life advice],
and knowing everything there is to know about life.
Too simliar.
But he still acted well.

Jin Dong kept playing the man that most men want to be, didn’t he?


Conan O’Brien Dubbed Princess Returning Pearl

The “old foreigners” [nickname for non-Chinese people] dubbed Princess Returning Pearl aka My Fair Princess. So funny but I can’t explain why. [允悲][允悲]Help! [允悲] ​

Watch the video!

老外给还珠格格配音,莫名的喜感[允悲][允悲]救命啊![允悲] L秒拍视频 ​​​​
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Wallace Chung

HON Wallace Chung Exhibition

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#钟汉良# Wallace Chung’s visual art exhibition will start on July 1 at MoCA Shanghai. Wallace will also continue the “Sing for Life” concert tour on August 26. There will be three new concerts this year.

Plus, he and three fellow jurors from the 2017 Shanghai TV Festival, Mao Weining, Yao Xiaofeng, and Yao Chen, were just invited to be the jurors for this year’s 45th International Emmy Awards. They will reunite on July 7 to review the performances of European actresses. The International Emmy Awards are bestowed by the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in recognition to the best television programmes produced, and initially aired, outside the United States.