Internet Slang

停更 [tíng gēng]

停更 [tíng gēng] v. Stop+update. [Of a program, manga series, podcast, etc.] to stop updating.

Internet Slang

寄刀片 [jì dāo piàn]

寄刀片 [jì dāo piàn] v. To mail blades [to the screenwriter]. <ACG> This Internet slang term is often used to imply the audience’s dissatisfaction with the development of a storyline.


Alec Su’s Problem

Alec Su: These years I’ve been striving to outgrow the image of the Fifth Brother [Yongqi in My Fair Princess (1998)].

He Jiong: Do you think your transformation is successful, through so many films and TV shows?

Alec Su: Not Successful. It’s pretty hard.

He Jiong: Do you know why?

Alec Su: No, I don’t know.

He Jiong: Because My Fair Princess is rerun by we Hunan Satellite TV once a year!

Alec Su’s 2/4/2018 Weibo Update

I heard that I had recently been back to square one again.

Caption: You guys don’t need to worry about me.