A Prison for His Highness


general-and-i-prison-02#钟汉良孤芳不自赏#[心]#钟汉良孤芳不自赏#[心]No wonder they said the prison of Jin is saved for His Highness. Look at all those Ws on the wall. You can’t deny that. [二哈][二哈][二哈] I wonder if the cast and crew did it on purpose.[笑cry][笑cry][笑cry]@钟汉良 #钟汉良#

#钟汉良孤芳不自赏#[心]#钟汉良孤芳不自赏#[心]怪不得说这大晋的天牢是给王爷预备的,看看这满墙的W,真是无法反驳[二哈][二哈][二哈]我怀疑剧组是不是故意的[笑cry][笑cry][笑cry]@钟汉良 #钟汉良#

吉米肥倫秀 [jí mǐ féi lún xiù]

吉米肥倫秀 [jí mǐ féi lún xiù] n. Jimmy+fat+[Fal]lon+show. This Internet slang term is a chirpy translation of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. However, 肥倫 [féi lún] “Fatlon” is used only because it sounds similiar with “Fallon” but it is not a nickname for the host himself. The alternative translations include 肥倫秀 [féi lún xiù] “Fatlon Show” and 吉米肥倫今夜秀 [jí mǐ féi lún jīn yè xiù] “Jimmy Fatlon Tonight Show.”

吉米雞毛秀 [jí mǐ jī máo xiù]

吉米雞毛秀 [jí mǐ jī máo xiù] n. Jimmy+Chicken feather+show. This Internet slang term is a chirpy translation of Jimmy Kimmel Live! because 雞毛 [jī máo] “chicken feather” sounds like “Kimmel.” However, 雞毛 [jī máo] “chicken feather” is a not a nickname for Jimmy Kimmel. A shorter translation of the show name is 雞毛秀 [jī máo xiù] “Chicken Feather Show.”

你还记得大明湖畔的。。。吗 [nǐ hái jì dé dà míng hú pàn de…ma]

你还记得大明湖畔的。。。吗 [nǐ hái jì dé dà míng hú pàn de…ma] Do you still remember…by the Daming Lake? This question was originally a line from the 1998 TV show Princess Return Pearl [or My Fair Princess]. Ziwei confronted her birth father Emperor Qianlong, “Do you still remember Xia Yuhe by the Daming Lake?” Xia Yuhe is Ziwei’s mother and Ziwei was born out of wedlock. Now this line is used humorously to remind the listener or reader of something or someone.