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死宅 [sǐ zhái]

死宅 [sǐ zhái] n. Die-hard otaku. A person who is extremely indoorsy usually because of a passion about gaming and watching movies or TV dramas.


自戳雙目 [zì chuō shuāng mù]

自戳雙目 [zì chuō shuāng mù] <Expression> To poke one’s own eyes. To blind oneself (because you can’t bear seeing something) . This expression is often used to comment on artworks that are visually appalling or extremely shoddy.

跳戲 [tiào xì]

跳戲 [tiào xì] v. Jump+drama. [Of an actor or actress] to give unconvincing performance. The reasons vary. It could be because the viewers are accustomed to seeing the actor or actress cast in a different type of role, because the performer’s previous acting in a similar role left a deeper impression on the audience, or because the storyline is problematic.