Internet Slang

主角光環 [zhǔ jué guāng huán]

主角光環 [zhǔ jué guāng huán] n. Main character+halo. The halo of the main character. This Internet slang term refers to the pattern in games, films and TV shows that the main characters are unusually lucky in adversity.

Internet Slang

我下麵給你吃 [wǒ xià miàn gěi nǐ chī]

我下麵給你吃 [wǒ xià miàn gěi nǐ chī] <Expression> I will cook some noodles for you to eat. The expression was originally a classic line in Hong Kong TV shows, but in Simplified Chinese, 下面 [xià miàn] “below, down there” and 下麵 [xià miàn] “cook noodles” are both written as the former word, so mainland Internet users have developed a new interpretation of the line: I will let you eat me down there.

Internet Slang

網感 [wǎng gǎn]

網感 [wǎng gǎn] n. Web+sense. The level of interactivity with the viewers on the Internet. This Internet slang term is often used as a standard for evaluating TV shows. A TV program with a good web sense has a large fan base on the Internet, satisfies Internet users’ aesthetic needs, and sparks heated discussions on the Internet.