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原著黨 [yuán zhù dǎng]

原著黨 [yuán zhù dǎng] n. The original work party. Fans of the original works, especially fans of the original Internet novels which are adapted into TV dramas or movies.



自帶BGM v. To possess one’s own background music. This Internet slang term describes a person who is so unique and impressive that when he or she comes up, you could hear music playing on the background. This slang term comes from the fact that important TV or movie characters tend to have their signature background music.

定一個小目標 [dìng gè xiǎo mù biāo]

定一個小目標 [dìng gè xiǎo mù biāo] <Expression> Set a small goal. This expression became popular in Chen Luyu’s 2016 interview with Chinese real estate tycoon Wang Jianlin where Wang said, “To become the richest person in the world, you need to set a small, feasible goal first, such as making 100 million RMB first.” The expression has been widely quoted to describe goal setting in different areas of one’s life. Sometimes sarcasm is involved.