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居老師 [jū lǎo shī]

居老師 [jū lǎo shī] n. Teacher Ju. This Internet slang term is a nickname for Chinese actor Zhu Yilong who is most well-known for his role in the popular web series Guardian. 居 [jū] is the pronunciation of his surname 朱 [zhū] Zhu in the Wuhan dialect, his hometown dialect.


蛙哥 [wā gē]

蛙哥 [wā gē] n. Frog+brother. Brother frog. This Internet slang term is a tongue-in-cheek mutation of 五阿哥 [wǔ à gē] The fifth brother who was Prince Rong or Yongqi of the Qing dynasty. It became a nickname for actor Alec Su or Su Yongpeng who played the role of Prince Rong on My Fair Princess or Princess Return Pearl in 1998. If you say  五阿哥 [wǔ à gē] fast enough and with a Taiwanese Mandarin accent as Alec Su did, it will sound like 蛙哥 [wā gē].