Internet Slang, Pictures

攻 [gōng] & 受 [shòu]

攻 [gōng] n. The attacker or the more active person, such as the one that penetrates, in gay sex.

受 [shòu] n. The receiver or the more passive person in gay sex.

This couple’s “battle outfits” are so loud people have to avert their eyes… By the way, may one of them make it into Tsinghua University and the other into Peking University.

[Note: Couples sometimes wear matching outfits or t-shirts. The t-shirts or “battle outfits” the gay student couple above are wearing respectively read 攻 gōng (“top/giver”) and 受 shòu (“bottom/taker”). “Loud” here would refer to how openly they are advertising their sexuality.]


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