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越努力,越幸運 [yuè nǔ lì, yuè xìng yùn]

越努力,越幸運 [yuè nǔ lì, yuè xìng yùn] <Expression> The harder you work, the luckier you are. This inspirational expression recently became more popular as the slogan of Idol Producer, a Chinese reality boy group survival show produced by iQiyi.


課代表 [kè dài biǎo]

課代表 [kè dài biǎo] n. Class representative. This Internet slang term refers to people who are good at explaining a hot topic for other Internet users. Internet users often call for a “class representative” humorously when they want to understand a complicated issue so that they don’t have to read about it on their own.

這屆…不行 [zhè jiè…bù xíng]

這屆…不行 [zhè jiè…bù xíng] <Expression> This year’s…are not good. This expression is often used to show disapproval of a certain group of people who did not live up to one’s expectation. The expression mimics the tone of voice of Chinese teachers. Chinese teachers at elementary schools and high schools are famous for degrading all their students as the “worst group of students they’ve ever taught.”

土木三班陳同學 [tǔ mù sān bān chén tóng xué]

土木三班陳同學 [tǔ mù sān bān chén tóng xué] n. Student Chen from Class 3 of Civil Engineering. This Internet slang term originally comes from a vlogger’s pranks on male gamers who like trolling online. In the prank, vlogger Bei Lala uses a voice changer to pretend to be a Taiwanese girl and requests the target trolls to sing a song for him. After the guy falls for him, he reveals his gender.

Student Chen is believed to sing Terry Lin’s song “Departer.” His performance and his reputation as a philanderer on campus made him an Internet sensation, but his true identity is not confirmed. Some believe this is the vlogger’s marketing campaign for himself.

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