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Wallace Chung

Wallace Village Library of Happiness

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Wallace Chung and His Team Kicked off “Face the Sun Project” with the First Wallace Chung Village Library of Happiness in Shanxi

According to Cornucopia Media on Weibo—

#WallaceChung Village Library of Happiness# The foundation stone-laying ceremony of the first Wallace Chung Village Library of Happiness at Yunzhu High School, Yushe County, Shanxi province marks the first step taken by the Wallace Chung Liang Family’s “Face the Sun Project.” Over 400 students will benefit from the lirbary. In the future, “Face the Sun Project” and “Wallace Chung Village Libraries of Happiness” will build more libraries and help more kids read good books and enjoy reading. Also, all the books provided by and all the donated books received by the HON Wallace Chung Exhibition at MoCA Shanghai will be used for the Wallace Chung Village Libraries of Happiness.

Wallace hopes the concept of “Moving Libraries” will take root across the country to pass on the power of knowledge and help everyone like and enjoy reading. Thank you to every Family volunteer of the Shanxi LM Group.

#钟汉良幸福乡村图书馆# 钟汉良W良家族”向阳计划“第一步,首座“钟汉良幸福乡村图书馆”今天在山西榆社云竹中学举行奠基仪式,将有四百多名学生受益。未来“向阳计划”和“钟汉良幸福乡村图书馆”将建设交付更多图书馆,让更多孩子阅好书、读好书。而在@上海当代艺术馆MoCAShanghai 举办的#钟汉良视觉艺术展##HON钟汉良视觉艺术展# 的所有书籍及收到的捐赠书籍,也会用于“钟汉良幸福乡村图书馆“。
小哇@钟汉良 希望“移动图书馆”的概念能在全国各地扎根,传递知识的力量,让大家都喜欢阅读、爱上阅读。谢谢山西LM群的每一位家人志愿者。@钟汉良W良家族 L秒拍视频

This time, Wallace and his team helped Village Libraries of Happiness set up its 19th library. They will help Village Libraries of Happiness bulid and manage three more libraries at elementary schools and high schools in Yushe County and the Greater Jinzhong Area. The Wallace Chung Liang Family, Face the Sun Project, and Village Libraries of Happiness will work together to encourage more children and teenagers to enjoy reading.

I love this project. 鍾家村 “Chung’s Village” needs not only great characters but also great libraries. [good]



Cai Yujing’s Boston University Commencement Speech

【2017, This Nanjing girl’s commencement speech amazed the United States [赞]】This is the student commencement speech given by the Chinese lady Cai Yujing at Boston University in 2017. Her opinions are unique and insightful. She advocates for lifelong learning and cultural diversity. She also loves her hometown.

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【2017年,这个南京姑娘的毕业演讲惊艳了美国[赞]】这是中国姑娘蔡语婧今年在波士顿大学的毕业演讲。她的见解独特而深刻,她倡导终生学习和拥抱多元文化,她也爱她的家乡。O网页链接 @TED君学演讲 ​​​​

Not sure if her speech really amazed the U.S. but I do like her opinions!

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College Scale Model Made of Chopsticks

【University students made a replica of their school with 100,000 chopsticks】In the library of Yanglin School District, Dianchi College, Yunnan University lies an eye-catching scale model of Dianchi College made of 100,000 chopstics. The students of the college’s Scale Model Club built this scale model in three months.

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【大学生用10万只筷子,还原真实学校】云南大学滇池学院杨林校区的图书馆内,一个用10万支筷子制成的“迷你版”滇池学院引人注目。这是该校模型协会学生,历时3个月制作出的学校沙盘模型。@恐龙不让梨 L一手video的秒拍视频​​​​

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Hearing-Impaired Student Speaker

【Teared up! Hearing-impaired female student’s graduation speech at ECUST received the longest applause】”I am a deaf person. My pronunication is a little off, but I will try my best to articulate every word. Please bear with me. ” At the June 16th commencement of East China University of Science and Technology, the speech of the undergraduate student representative Gao Yuye was met by long applause.

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【看哭了!华理工失聪女生毕业演讲收获最长掌声】O网页链接  “我是一名聋人,我的发音有点不标准,但会努力说好每一个字,请大家谅解。”6月16日,华东理工大学2017届毕业典礼上,本科毕业生代表高羽烨发言后,掌声经久不息。

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Chinese Teachers Don’t Get It

First she trained her student to be her husband, then she trained her husband to be the president of the country. What a successful educator! But when I was a student, the beautiful teacher in charge of my class only freaking knew about meeting with my parents and making me stand still as a punishment. She messed up the cultivation of the president of our country.