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Chinese Humor and Internet Slang

活捉一只 [huó zhuō yì zhī]

活捉一只 [huó zhuō yì zhī] v. To catch a [cute person, animal, or thing] alive. This Internet slang term is often used humorously to describe a happy encounter or discovery online or offline.

蹭熱度 [cèng rè dù]

蹭熱度 [cèng rè dù] v. Cadge+heat. To freeload the popularity of a more famous celebrity for personal gain, especially public attention. This Internet slang term is often used by the fans to attack someone whom they often consider to be less popular than their idol.

單身汪 [dān shēn wāng]

單身汪 [dān shēn wāng] n. Single+woof. A man or woman who is not in a relationship or marriage. Like “single dog,” this Internet slang term is used mostly for self-mockery.

嗨p [hāi p]

嗨p [hāi p] adj. Hi+P. This Internet slang term is a phonetic deviation of “happy.”

天啦嚕 [tiān la lu]

天啦嚕 [tiān la lu] Interjection. Zoikes; eish; well, well; oh Lord; wow.

你這是在搞事情 [nǐ zhè shì zài gǎo shì qing]

你這是在搞事情 [nǐ zhè shì zài gǎo shì qing] Expression. You are causing trouble for me. Actor Chen He frequently used this expression on the Chinese version of Running Man. Now this expression is used to vent or joke about unexpected or undesirable situations.

握爪 [wò zhǎo/wò zhuǎ]

握爪 [wò zhǎo/wò zhuǎ] v. Hold+claw. A cute way of saying 握手 [wò shǒu] “shake hands.”

懟 [duì]

懟 [duì] v. To resent. To get into beefs. As an Internet slang term, it often refers to giving caustic remarks or engaging in online diatribes.

相愛相殺 [xiāng ài xiāng shā]


相愛相殺 [xiāng ài xiāng shā] v. To love and kill each other. This Internet slang term humorously describes a de facto or assumptive love-hate relationship between two individuals.

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