Just saw a Douban friend’s post and it’s right: 2019 must be a year full of love. Why? Because a mirror image of “2019” is “eros” (God of Love)!


刚刚看一个豆友说的还真是,2019年一定是充满爱意的一年。为什么呢?因为2019倒过来看就是eros(爱神)啊! ​​​​

Ella Chen’s 10 Year Challenge

From male to female
From handsome to beautiful
陈嘉桦 ​​​​

Even If You Are Gay

A gay friend said he thought he wouldn’t be bothered now that he came out, but his mom still lectured him during the Chinese New Year for being single: “All men like those who are younger. If you don’t hurry, you won’t be able to snag any men.”

一个gay朋友说,本以为出了柜就没事了,结果单身的他过年依然被妈妈教育:“是男人都喜欢年轻的,你再不抓紧,男人都找不到了。” ​​​​