How to Properly Manage Parents’ Fighting


It is said that while I was a child I was so stoked seeing my parents fighting that I would keep jumping up and down barefoot on the couch and claping hands and shouting ,”Go go go!” My parents would always feel as if they were bulls or cocks in a bullfight or a cockfight so that they would stop fighting out of embarrassment. Gee I don’t remember being so smart whatsoever.



Chopsticks Brothers and Phoenix Legend

eason-chan-and-jay-chouChen Yixun & Zhou Jielun

chopsticks-brothers-and-phoenix-legendChopsticks Brothers & Phoenix Legend

Don’t laugh at them—in the field of square dancing, having Chopsticks Brothers and Phoenix Legend on the same stage equals having Chen Yixun [Eason Chan] and Zhou Jielun [Jay Chou] sing together.