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Old Grandma

When I went home yesterday afternoon, I saw an old grandma sitting on the stoop of our apartment building. She covered her face with both hands so I wasn’t able to see her facial expression. Her elbows supported by her knees, she just quietly sat there. I didn’t know what she was going through. Struggling with loneliness in the later years of her life? Her partner passed before she did? Her children failed to care for her? Why are senior citizens’ life circumstances always connected with sorrow? Was that society’s responsibility? As I mulled over those issues, the old lady moved her hands away from her face and called out, “Ready or not, here I come!”


昨 天下午回家时,单元门台阶上坐着一个老婆婆,双手捂着脸,严严实实看不到表情,胳膊支在膝盖上,静静坐在那。不知道她正在经历什么,艰难孤独的晚年?老伴 离她而去?儿女疏于尽孝?为何老年的境遇总是会与悲情联系到一起?社会的责任?我正在思索时,老人打开捂着脸的双手,大喊了一声:藏好了吗?!
Source: Sina Weibo

Estranged Friends

How do you look at estranged friends?


The boat of friendship, daddy [referring to self] can ride alone.

[Note: “The boat of friendship can easily flip over” is a popular Internet meme. It refers to the fickleness of friendship.]


When some friendships gradually go down the drain, you will discover that is actually the right way how they should go.

[Note: “The right way of opening/unlocking…” is an Internet meme referring to the preferred or recommended approach to doing things.]

#榜姐每日话题# 〖怎样看待逐渐疏远的朋友 ______________〗

有毒 [yǒu dú]

Click on the image to watch the video.
Click on the image to watch the video.

有毒 [yǒu dú] adj. Poisonous. This Internet slang term is used to describe wonderful things that enthrall the audience, listeners, web users, etc.

Web users put together almost 70 smiles of Song Joony Ki from The Descendants of the Sun. This boy’s smile is poisonous! Credit: LF_winLee


Source: Sina Weibo

蘇 [sū]=酥 [sū]


蘇 [sū]=酥 [sū] adj. (Of a person’s limbs) weak, soft. This Internet meme describes a charming smile or gesture that melts you heart. Reactions may include goose bumps, shivers down you spine, a tingling sensation all over your body, and a big smile on your face.

油菜花 [yóu cài huā]

油菜花 [yóu cài huā] n. Canola flower/rape flower. This term is popular among Wallace Chung’s mainland fans and refers to talented fans who are creative, artistic, and/or tech-savvy. The namesake was created because it sounds like 有才華 [yǒu cái huá] “talented.”


A Lonesome Flower Awaits Appreciation

IP. Intellectual property. As an Internet slang term, it usually refers to literary property, the literary works generally covered by copyright but also an associated set of property rights. Currently, the term is often used to describe Chinese Internet novels adapted into movies or TV dramas and a series of related products.




An even cooler version! Today’s kids are increasingly adept at having fun!


爱上吐槽的特长生 : 更酷炫的版本!现在的孩子们越来越会玩了!


Source: Sina Weibo



Korean Zombie Dance

Click on the image to watch the video.
Click on the image to watch the video.

@耳帝: Korean girls’ Zombie Dance…

@M大王叫我来巡山: Can’t believe I found it to be so electrifying…but why did they have to make it so real and even cough up blood? [笑cry]…//@然后下面就没了: Holy crap the makeup was amazing! //@追风少年刘全有: Crazy fresh! //@卖几把的小男孩和吃几把的少年://@艾玛我懒得想昵称了:Background Music: Ninja Challenge (Dodge & Fuski Remix)



@耳帝: 韩国少女的僵尸舞……

@M大王叫我来巡山: 居然觉得很燃很带感。。但搞这么逼真吐血是干嘛啦[笑cry]。。//@然后下面就没了: 卧槽这妆容太带感了 //@追风少年刘全有:酷炫! //@卖几把的小男孩和吃几把的少年://@艾玛我懒得想昵称了:背景音乐Ninja Challenge (Dodge & Fuski Remix)

Source: Sina Weibo

Thunderstorms Observed

Click on the image to watch the video.
Click on the image to watch the video.

Giant thunderstorms over the Earth. Videotaped by astronaut Tim Peake. Was that because many people are making oaths?

[Note: Traditionally, Chinese people swear by saying that if they didn’t keep the promise, they would be struck to death by a bolt of lightning.]

地球上空大范围发生的雷暴,由宇航员Tim Peake拍摄。是很多人在发誓吗:) L秒拍视频 .

Source: NASA China

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