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Chinese Humor and Internet Slang

懶癌 [lǎn ái]


懶癌 [lǎn ái] n. Slothfulness cancer. This Internet term is used to describe one’s procrastination or indolence.

尷尬癌 [gān gà ái]


尷尬癌 [gān gà ái] n. Embarrassment+cancer. This Internet slang term is used in the context of “I am going to have embarrassment cancer” to describe a situation where one feels or is going to feel seriously abashed.

在線 [zài xiàn]

在線 [zài xiàn] adj. On+line. Up to scratch. This Internet slang term is a compliment for someone or something that reaches a satisfactory level. For example, you can say an actor’s acting skills are online, meaning his or her acting skills meet the audience’s expectations.

粗線 [cū xiàn]

粗線 [cū xiàn] v. Bold+line. To appear, to show up. This Internet slang term and 出現 [chū xiàn] “come up, show up” are homophones. This term is a humorous way of saying “to appear” with a Taiwanese accent.

鍾黑 [zhōng hēi]

鍾黑 [zhōng hēi] n. Chung+black. Wallace Chung detractors. People who disparage Wallace Chung and his fans.

又叒叕 [yòu ruò zhuó]

又叒叕 [yòu ruò zhuó] adv. Again + Again×3 + Again×4. This Internet slang term emphasizes a recurring event.

清流 [qīng liú]

清流 [qīng liú] n. Limpid+stream. A clear stream. This Internet slang term is often used in the context of “XXX is a clear stream in the field of…” to describe a rising star who stands out among others in a field, usually for his or her refreshing candor or sense of humor.

吃土 [chī tǔ]

吃土 [chī tǔ] v. To eat soil. This Internet slang term quips about the consequence of spending too much money on online shopping—eating nothing but soil because soil is free.

老幹部 [lǎo gàn bu]


老幹部 [lǎo gàn bu] n. Old cadres. An “old cadre” is a male actor whose gravitas in conduct and speech seems a little outdated but is still very adorable for his crazy female fans.

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