Internet Slang

可以說是 [kě yǐ shuō shì]

可以說是 [kě yǐ shuō shì] <Expression> It can be said that [very adj.]. You can say it’s [very adj.]This expression became popular in 2017 to express one’s opinion about something or someone.

Internet Slang

我下麵給你吃 [wǒ xià miàn gěi nǐ chī]

我下麵給你吃 [wǒ xià miàn gěi nǐ chī] <Expression> I will cook some noodles for you to eat. The expression was originally a classic line in Hong Kong TV shows, but in Simplified Chinese, 下面 [xià miàn] “below, down there” and 下麵 [xià miàn] “cook noodles” are both written as the former word, so mainland Internet users have developed a new interpretation of the line: I will let you eat me down there.

Internet Slang

網感 [wǎng gǎn]

網感 [wǎng gǎn] n. Web+sense. The level of interactivity with the viewers on the Internet. This Internet slang term is often used as a standard for evaluating TV shows. A TV program with a good web sense has a large fan base on the Internet, satisfies Internet users’ aesthetic needs, and sparks heated discussions on the Internet.