Grandmas’ Basketball Team

#Grandmas’ Basketball Team# 【Grandmas Also Compete to Be “Rukawa Kaede”! Age Is Just a Number [doge]】In Southern California, U.S., a group of grannies finally founded a basketball league of their own. They play half-court 3-on-3 basketball games. They are not afraid of breaking a sweat or a bone, because YOLO, what are you waiting for? Oh, right, not everyone can join this team. You have to be at least 80 years old~[摊手]

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#奶奶们组篮球队#【奶奶们也要争当“流川枫”!年龄只是数字[doge]】美国加利福尼亚南部,一群奶奶终于建起了自己的篮球联赛,打半场3对3,绝对不怕骨折不怕累,因为人生只有一次,还等什么呢?哦,对了,这支篮球队可不是谁都可以随便加入的,你得满80岁才行~[摊手] L时差视频的秒拍视频



Grandpa’s Sweat

Grandpa passed away. His body was placed in a freezer. Many people came to mourn him. Before his dead body was moved to the coffin, the freezer was turned off and slowly brought to room temperature, so water drops appeared on grandpa’s face. The grandson saw that and asked his grandma: Why is Papa sweating? Grandma replied: Oh that’s fine. It’s the first time that Papa passed away. He is a little nervous.



Wallace Chung

HON Wallace Chung Exhibition

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The View and the Sentiment
Forest Story

I was probably 16 years old
When I shot my first print ad as a non-pro.
Loved soccer. That happened without a cause.
After school a group of people went to play football and basketball.
That period of time, was innocent and carefree.
Although I cannot go back to those years,
Recalling that at this moment,
The sweat of youth still reminds me that I was 16 years old that year.

“The years are tranquil and wonderful. Only by having our feet planted on solid ground [idiom meaning being earnest and down-to-earth] can we feel that.”

“Because I have talent, I don’t want to give up.”

—Wallace Chung

Wallace Chung

Wallace Chung HON Exhibition (I)

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The World of Sensual Pleasures
The Appearances of All Beings

Stunning yet frippery, a natural beauty.
Is what you see with your eyes real?
Is there an inverted image? Is there nihility?
Is there anything unknown to you and is there a future?
If confusion is temporary,
The anxious steps towards success should all be replaced by a steadfast work ethic.
How long haven’t you heard your ambitious and vigorous heartbeats?
Does that mean your life actually needs a little more of walking the walk?

“When we feel (life) is not extremely fantastic,
Actually, they are all the most beautiful (life) moments.
Every moment in life is quite beautiful,
As long as we have dreams,
And work hard to chase them,
The good weather, the good time, will eventually come.”

—Wallace Chung