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Chinese Humor and Internet Slang

種草 [zhòng cǎo]

種草 [zhòng cǎo] v. Grow+grass. This Internet slang term refers to recommending product to others which is like planting the seeds of desire for the product. The speaker is usually a fashion blogger or a loyal consumer of a brand.

小白 [xiǎo bái]

小白 [xiǎo bái] n. Little+white. This Internet slang term is analogous to “rookie” or “newbie.” This term is often used to describe one’s inexperience in a field. It is a neutral or positive term because it implies one’s need for learning.

【Maybe you can’t keep your youth, but you can age gracefully[心]】Ms. Bai Jinqin is 71 years old this year. Her hair is all gray but her figure is well-built. She prefers being called “Little Bai.” “Little Bai” started working out in 2005 and has kept the habit for 11 years. She got sick often when she was young, but her optimism and habit of exercising helped her “drive out” the illnesses, turning her a fit and chic granny. “Likes” for an “ageless” life! (CCTV reporter Wang Xiaopei)

[Note: Here the old lady’s preferred nickname is a simple combination of “Little” and “Bai” [Her last name which means “white”] but I can’t help wondering if that’s also her watchword: A lifelong curiosity about learning.]


【也许留不住青春 但可优雅老去[心]】白金芹老人今年71岁,虽一头银发却有健硕肌肉,她更喜欢别人叫她“小白”。“小白”从2005年开始健身,至今已11年。年轻时经常生病,乐观精神和坚持不懈的运动让她“赶走”疾病,成为大家眼中的时尚健康奶奶。#今天重阳节#,为“不老”人生点赞!(央视记者王晓沛)

Source: Weibo

爆棚 [bào péng]


爆棚 [bào péng] v.

Explode+shack/tent/canopy. This Internet slang term originally referred to the situation where a crowd exceeds the capacity of a venue, but now it means great in quantity, measure, or degree. For example, it is often used to describe the explosively high popularity, confidence, and sales volume.



男神經 [nán shén jīng] and 女神經 [nǚ shén jīng]

男神經 [nán shén jīng] / 女神經 [nǚ shén jīng] n. Male bafoon/ female bafoon. Slightly different from 男神/女神 [nán shén / nǚ shén] which literally mean “god/goddess,“ this set of Internet slang terms are saved for your jester friends or yourself. Although 神經 [shén jīng] is short for 神經病 [shén jīng bìng] “neurotic,” many people won’t feel offended. These two Internet slang terms tend to be deemed positive for acknowledging a person’s sense of humor.

閃 [shǎn]

閃 [shǎn] v. Literally “flash,” this Internet slang term means to leave swiftly, to beat a hasty retreat.

有毒 [yǒu dú]

有毒 [yǒu dú] adj. Poisonous. This Internet slang term is used to describe any viral Internet meme such as a catchy melody, an Internet spoof, and a humrous emoji, that is addictive.

炒雞 [chǎo jī]

炒雞 [chǎo jī] adj. Stir-fry+chicken. This Internet slang term means 超級 [chāo jí] “super, extremely.” Since the vegetarians and vegans in China don’t eat chicken anymore, they put the dish name to good use…

敲 [qiāo]

敲 [qiāo] adj. Strike. This verb as an Internet slang term is a phonetic deviation of 超 [chāo] “super, extremely.” When you use this meme in Internet posting or online conversations, you are deliberately trying to lighten up or act cute.

泥萌 [ní méng]


泥萌 [ní méng] pron. Mud+cute. You guys. This Internet slang term is a phonetic deviation of 你們 [nǐ men] “you guys.” This term is often used humorously.

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