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Chinese Humor and Internet Slang

有範 [yǒu fàn]

有範 [yǒu fàn] adj. Having great panache, radiant with confidence, displaying distinctive and stylish elegance. This Internet slang term praises one’s appearance, fashion sense, mannerisms, and/or character.

厲害了我的哥 [lì hài le wǒ de gē]

厲害了我的哥 [lì hài le wǒ de gē] Expression. Wow you rock, my brother. This Internet slang term came into popularity as a high school student’s comment on the dazzling gaming skills of his military training instructor who caught him playing The King’s Glory on the phone. Instead of confiscating the phone, the instructor unleashed his inner gamer and helped the student win the game. This expression is now used to express astonishment or amazement. The word “brother” is replaced in other contexts to address different people.

敲黑板 [qiāo hēi bǎn]

敲黑板 [qiāo hēi bǎn] V. To strike the blackboard with one’s finger knukles or hand (to ask the students to pay attention). This Internet slang term is reminiscent of the teaching style of many Chinese teachers. This Internet slang term is used to emphasize something.


此處應有掌聲 [cǐ chù yīng yǒu zhǎng shēng]


此處應有掌聲 [cǐ chù yīng yǒu zhǎng shēng] Expression. A round of applause is expected here. This expression is often humorously used by the self-touted speaker to invite the audience to acknowledge what he or she just said.

感覺身體被掏空 [gǎn jué shēn tǐ bèi tāo kōng]

感覺身體被掏空 [gǎn jué shēn tǐ bèi tāo kōng] Expression. [I] feel the insides of my body were scooped out. I feel so drained. This Internet slang term is used to describe fatigue and depression. For example, you can use it to describe how you feel when your boss incessantly asks you to work overtime.

脫線 [tuō xiàn]

脫線 [tuō xiàn] v. To derail. To suddenly change the subject; to suddenly become distracted.

造 [zào]

造 [zào] v. To know, know of. This Internet slang term is a funny variation of 知道 [zhī dào]. They sound similar especially when you say the original word very fast. It was created to mimic the way the word is uttered in Taiwanese Idol TV dramas.

始於顏值,陷於才華,忠於人品 [shǐ yú yán zhí, xiàn yú cái huá, zhōng yú rén pǐn]

始於顏值,陷於才華,忠於人品 [shǐ yú yán zhí, xiàn yú cái huá, zhōng yú rén pǐn] Expression. [My love for my idol] started because of his or her looks, then I fell for his or her talents, and I stick around because of his or her character.

二哈 [èr hā]


二哈 [èr hā] n. Two+Ha. Silly husky. This Internet slang term is an affectionate nickname for pet huskies.

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