Wallace Chung

Translations of Wallace Chung’s Weibo Posts 2018


At this moment, we know each other and stay together. Thank you to the Liang Min who stepped into the new year with me on CCTV. Wishing the Liang family will continue to be kind and love one another, and have a happy year ahead. Be safe and sound. Have peace of mind.

wallace-jan-17-2018Longing to see you; seeing you; see you later @微博之夜

Note: Wallace Chung received the 2017 Weibo Yearly Male God award at the Sina Weibo Awards Ceremony on Jan. 18, 2018.


The Year of Dog is around the corner. [As I] looked back at [my] growth in the past year, [I felt] the HON visual art show that MoCA Shanghai and I hosted to celebrate the historic moment of the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return [to China] was the best and proudest thing in my opinion. Leave comments about your memories and what moved you. We will press “China Like” for you. Let’s reflect on the beautiful moments of the past year. In 2018, we will forge ahead hand in hand.

The Year of Dog Wang Wang Wang! I am on CCTV #Spring Festival Gala# #tag Spring Festival Gala# Live streaming now, I am waiting for you here→ Link.

Note: “Wang wang wang” means “Woof woof woof” and “prosper, prosper, and prosper.”


Waiting for someone? Waiting makes one excited. All dressed up, looking forward to the person one wants to meet with. A mug of coffee is steaming on the table. Quietly rehearsing how one intends to express himself. Waiting for the waiting moment he wants. 30 minutes pass by. Suffering every passing second. He gradually forgets what he wants to say to you. Disappointed, disheartened, discouraged, losing self-confidence, losing himself. Outside the window, it starts raining. Standing under the awning, wiping off the water on the clothes, the person gazes off into the distance and mumbles to himself. Everyone has the waiting moment that belongs to them. You are waiting for him He is waiting for someone. Someone is waiting for an opportunity that might be missed. Every moment. Everywhere. I don’t pay attention to the time. I keep recalling. Rehearsing over and over in my mind. Waiting for someone that understands you. It clears up. I walk out the door. I look up and see the rainbow after the rain. You pat my shoulder from behind. I don’t turn back. I ask myself first: Am I ready?




[If you] love her, please tell her.

Internet Slang

這種男友不分留著過年麽 [zhè zhǒng nán yǒu bù fēn liú zhe guò nián ma]

這種男友不分留著過年麽 [zhè zhǒng nán yǒu bù fēn liú zhe guò nián ma] <Expression> [You don’t] break up with such a boyfriend. Are you saving him for the next Chinese New Year? This expression is often used to criticize a man who physically or emotionally abuses his girlfriend.

Internet Slang

這位同學,我裝逼的時候,請你不要說話 [zhè weì tóng xué, wǒ zhuāng bī de shí hou, qǐng nǐ bú yào shuō huà]

這位同學,我裝逼的時候,請你不要說話 [zhè weì tóng xué, wǒ zhuāng bī de shí hou, qǐng nǐ bú yào shuō huà] <Expression> This fellow student, when I am acting all snotty, please don’t talk [to give me away]. Hey dude, don’t stop me when I’m bragging.