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總攻 [zǒng gōng] and 總攻本攻 [zǒng gōng běn gōng]

總攻 [zǒng gōng] n. Attack all around. A person who launches an all-around attack. A person who takes charge of the situation and is able to make others obey him or her. This Internet slang term comes from the Japanese ACG culture, especially Boy’s Love-themed works. The term is often used positively to describe a natural leader.

總攻本攻 [zǒng gōng běn gōng] n. Attack all around+oneself. This Internet slang term has the same meaning as 總攻 [zǒng gōng]. It is often used to emphasize the leadership role in a group or a romantic relationship that one possesses.


賢者時間 [xián zhě shí jiān] and 賢者模式 [xián zhě mó shì]

賢者時間 [xián zhě shí jiān] = 賢者模式 [xián zhě mó shì] n. The virtuous person time = The virtuous person mode. Derived from the Japanese term 贤者タイム (kenja time—the period after orgasm when a man is free from sexual desire and can think clearly), this Internet slang term refers to the state of feeling peaceful, free from desire, sober-minded or emotionally empty after intensive activities, such as watching a great movie, playing an exciting game, and masturbation.

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皮下 [pí xià]

皮下 [pí xià] n. <ACG> Under the skin. The author of the original post that you reshared or commented on. This Internet slang term stems from cosplay. The character you portray is called “over the skin” and you are called “under the skin.” Now it sometimes refers the official account of an entertainer on social media. Such accounts usually attract a large following and entail numerous reshares and comments.

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