黑科技 [hēi kē jì]

黑科技 [hēi kē jì] n. Black technology. This term first appeared in フルメタル・パニックor Full Metal Panic!, a series of light novels written by Shoji Gatoh and illustrated by Shiki Douji, and referred to technology that is far more advanced than those of the real world. As a Chinese Internet slang term, it describes awe-inspiring technology that is beyond the understanding of the average people.







BL, 耽美 [dān měi] and 同人 [tóng rén]

BL n. Boys’ Love. Originating from the Japanese ACG culture, this Internet slang term refers to literary or anime works about homosexual relationships between teenage boys.

耽美 [dān měi] n. Obsess+beauty. Japanese litereary term たんび (tanbi) which originally referred to aestheticism but has evolved to be connected with BL-themed works since the 1970s.

同人 [tóng rén] n. Japanese term doujin referring to a group of people or friends who share an interest, activity, hobbies, or achievement. In China, this term is often used to describe people who are engaged in fanfiction writing.

Annoying Chinese Values


Which Chinese values are popular yet wrong?

I think it’s this one:

The Japanese people have the tolerance that as long as you don’t disturb others you can be as insane as you want as well as the sense of responsibility that no matter how insane you are you must not cause others trouble.

We (the Chinese people) have a loving heart which holds that as long as you are different from others we will believe that you need some guidance and we have the sense of responsibility that no matter how average we are we must influence and teach others [how to live].

No one has the guts or is willing to attend to the issues that should really be taken care of,

And you can’t wait to work into the the things that are by no means your business.