Internet Slang

強排 [qiáng pái]

強排 [qiáng pái] v. Strongly+stand [behind you]. To strongly agree with [you]. To strongly support [you].

Internet Slang

帶節奏 [dài jié zòu]

帶節奏 [dài jié zòu] v. Lead+rhythm. <Gaming terminology> To instigate a fight. This Internet slang term is originally used to describe a gamer who determines the strategies for the whole team in a group video or computer game. Now it is used to describe an Internet user who misleads others with wrong information or offensive language in online discussions and instigates verbal fights among groups holding opposing views.

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Internet Slang

豬精女孩 [zhū jīng nǚ hái]

豬精女孩 [zhū jīng nǚ hái] n. <Fandom Terminology> Pig spirit+girl. This sexist Internet slang term originally referred to female fans who eat a lot like pigs and feel so good about themselves and therefore are annoying to others. Now it also refers to fat, ugly women with a histrionic personality. Sometimes it is used for self-mockery.

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Wallace Chung’s 8/29 Weibo

Put my mind to one thing, learned musical skills, engaging myself in every detail, looking forward to exquisite outcomes. Then, when I watched the edited segments, I got ideas that are more concrete, which generated more creativity: How can we create a new language in an established paradigm? Not sure if [we] can make it, but [we] want to give it a try because [we are] young. So, regarding the concert that ended on the 26th, the wishes for the Qixi Festival, the more changes at the Exhibition, and tomorrow, [it is more appropriate to say that] I belong more to the future [future-oriented]. Move forward step by step. [Let’s] keep going. @花花草草传媒 @陈向熙Nora @古斌samuel @钟汉良W良家族


Wallace is very serious about his works and his life. So inspiring! It must be great to work with him. Keep it up!



Song Joong-ki’s Message to Lee Kwang-soo

Song Joong-ki:
Now I am a man with a family.
It would be great if you [Lee Kwang-soo] can control the frequency of calling me.
You’ve got to be cleverer and more discerning in life.
You didn’t do anything wrong,
but you haven’t done well enough.
You will understand…
Thank you very much,
but please train yourself to be cleverer and more discerning.


Wallace Chung

Wallace Chung May 27 Weibo Update

#钟汉良# Wallace Chung May 27 Weibo Update (Longest Weibo Ever!)

Just finished filming [for the day]. Xiao Zhen [Little Zhen. “Little” is used before someone’s first name to show affection.] handed me the script for tomorrow’s filming. I recalled that the day before yesterday we finished work around dinner time. Someone said that we had not had a dinner party for a long time, so we decided instantly to go have dinner together. Xiao Zhen still kept herself busy while everyone else was joking around and stuffing their faces. They were hungry so they ate to their hearts’ content, which explains what the word “satisfied” means. Xiao Zhen suddenly spoke of what happened when she first met with me. She said, “That day was May 25, 2007!” The other people screamed, “Wasn’t that today ten years ago?” Everyone was happily stunned! Xiao Zhen said, “I went to a beauty salon near Jing’an Temple to meet you [for the interview to be your assistant]. You were getting a haircut there. You were wearing a white T-shirt, dark-colored jeans, and a pair of very [the original word was “hin” instead of “hen” because Xiao Zhen said that word with a funny accent, and Wallace naughtily kept that in his original weibo] white sneakers. Later you took me to work. In the car, you turned to me and asked what my name was, and after thinking for a long time you said you would call me Xiao Zhen.” When Xiao Zhen talked about those things, I immediately felt I went back to those days, all the memories replayed before my eyes vividly. It turns out that it is going to be the 11th year for Xiao Zhen to work as my assistant. We experienced so many things together…We went to the set with the extras in a Jinbei [Chinese car brand] van; the place we lived in back then had a leaking problem when it rains; we huddled together in a small corner and had lunch served in partitioned boxes; she held the script and rehearsed the lines with me; we had constests of memorizing the Tang dynasty poetry and the ci poetry of the Song dynasty. Since I started filming [in mainland] in 1999, I had been used to taking care of myself. Then Xiao Zhen appeared. To this day the macro environment for filming is constantly changing, but we still keep learning. It is so nice to feel motivated like this. There is a sentence [Zen proverb] that goes, “The person who drinks it knows best whether the water is hot or cold.” At this moment I think of the staff members working around me. Grateful. Thank you all.

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