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建國後不許成精 [jiàn guó hòu bù xǔ chéng jīng]

建國後不許成精 [jiàn guó hòu bù xǔ chéng jīng] <Expression> [Of someone or an animal] forbidden to become a goblin after the foundation of the People’s Republic of China. This expression came from a 2015 rumor that the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People’s Republic of China forbade the animal roles in animated series, TV shows, and films set in China after October 1, 1949 to become a goblin or spirit. Now the expression is often used to describe an incredibly smart animal that behaves like human beings or an amusingly adorable person.


Thank Goodness I Learned That Now

My daughter was sulking.

I: Hey you, you’ve got to learn to manage your emotions. Putting on a face of “who is coming to coax and humor me” is only going to make you annoying to others. But you are lucky for learning that postulate from me now. I figured that out myself after a long time. Many people don’t have emotional management skills all their lives.

Daughter: Thank Goodness I learned that now…

Little Square Dancer Wallace

【3-year-old cutie pie excels in square dancing. He learned all the dances by heart through observance [笑cry]】The three-year-old baby Li Zerui is good at Chinese square dancing. His mom revealed he learned how to do the square dancing by watching only. When the little boy was one and a half years old, his mom took him to the park. Sitting in the stroller, he watched the square dancers dancing for half an hour. Finally, one day, the boy decided to join the dance, and he nailed practically all the dance moves. His mom was stunned. Now he is able to dance to over forty songs. (Click here to watch the video.)

【3岁萌宝擅长广场舞 全是看会的[笑cry]】3岁宝宝李泽睿广场舞跳得有模有样,妈妈竟称是看会的!宝宝1岁半时妈妈带他去公园,坐儿童车里看人家跳舞,一看就是半个小时。一天宝宝想跟着跳,舞步几乎一致,妈妈十分惊奇。现在宝宝会跳40多支曲子了。By梨视频 L微辣Video的秒拍视频

Source: Weibo

Sex Education

#Sex Education Is Not Severe Floods And Fierce Beasts [Dangerous Things]# See how US parents talk about sex with children. The house is the first classroom to give children sex education. (Click here to watch the video.)

#性教育不是洪水猛兽#看国外父母怎样与孩子谈“性”话题,家庭是儿童性教育的第一课堂 L微博视频 ​​​​
Source: Weibo



少女心 [shào nǚ xīn]

少女心 [shào nǚ xīn] n. Teen girl’s heart. A person with a teen girl’s heart is girly, dreamy, sensitive, vigorous, and sentimental. This Internet slang term is often used positively to describe a person who unapologetically adores girly toys and longs for romantic chance encounters with male celebrities like a moony teenage fangirl. This term sometimes runs the risk of perpetuating gender stereotypes about girls and teenagers.

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Period Fiasco

The finals were just over. I, a junior high school student, was taking care of my 5-year-old brother (a little brat) at home during the break when my period came. Coincidentally, the restroom door was broken at the same time…While I was changing that thing, my brother came in…and then he exited screaming at the top of his lungs. The saddest part is he called 110…telling them “my sister is trying to kill herself in the restroom.” The local police came in less than five minutes and my parents also came home…the neighbors were startled too. So embarrassing.

Note: It’s important to teach little boys what menstruation is…

When You Father Knows How to Create Special Effects

Click the image to watch the video.
Click the image to watch the video.

What does it feel like to have a father who can create special effects? OMG this is crazy fresh! The kid’s nana would say after watching the clip that she would have a heart attack. [笑cry]